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Crossing a runway

When an aircraft needs to cross a runway, you’d need to instruct them to cross the end of the runway that is currently in use. For example, if runway 24L is in use, then any aircraft crossing 24L must be told to “Cross 24L”.

Intersection Departures in ATIS

In order to enhance airport capacities, reduce taxiing distances, minimize departure delays, and provide for more efficient movement of air traffic, controllers may initiate intersection takeoffs as well as approve them. Intersection departures should always be allowed unless it blocks the only taxiway for aircraft to access full length.

Data tag

The data tag is kept with the information unchanged on each radar controllers’ radar screen. When you are passed from one radar controller to the another radar controller, simply check in because we already know your assigned runway.

Final Approach Point (FAP)

The point at TORNE on this approach plate is the FAP (Final Approach Point); the beginning of the final approach segment for precision approaches. Here you should be capturing the glide slope. To make be on the glide slope at this point you should start your descent 0.2 nm before reaching this point.