This blog’s goal is to educate pilots and controllers who use the popular mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight.

The information we share in no way should be applied in real world operations and is not to be used for training purposes. Always consult a flight instructor.

We reference real world publications and materials in our posts, and try our best to make it clear when we are referencing a real world or Infinite Flight procedure.

Due to the fact that users of the simulator have varying levels of aviation knowledge, some procedures used in Infinite Flight are simplified by the Infinite Flight Staff, in comparison to real world procedures. So information will in some cases differ. You can find all of Infinite Flight’s ATC procedures in the public version of the ATC Manual.

If you spot any issues with any of the information shared on our site or have any questions, please reach out and email me at trio@atceg.net.

August 24, 2019 by Kyle Boas