Expect progressive taxi instructions

What does that mean? In Infinite Flight’s latest update, progressive taxi instructions were introduced for the first time into the controllers’ lexicon. From 5.2.2 of the ATC Manual:

‘Taxi to RWYXX, contact tower when ready’ and ‘Taxi to Parking’ are the default commands that must be used by controllers for the purposes of departing/arriving aircraft. In addition to this, controllers have Progressive Taxi Instructions to assist with ground movement including one way systems, potential conflicts and intersection departures. Controllers should take note that VERY CLOSE MONITORING is required when using this tool and therefore should only use it when absolutely necessary. Before it’s used, controllers should send ‘Expect Progressive Taxi Instructions’ to the aircraft in question (although this
may not always be possible), once this is done the following commands are available:
– Cross runway XX
– Turn left/right next taxiway
– Continue straight ahead
– Make 180 (controllers must ensure that the aircraft has the space required to make a 180 degree turn on the taxiway)
– Already cleared to cross

Progressive taxi will become super useful at airports that require these specific instructions, to create a good flow of traffic.

Once the Progressive Taxi Instructions are no longer required, the controller must send ‘Continue Taxi at your discretion’.

July 20, 2019 by Kyle Boas