ifatc.org for the Training Server

One of our team members, Velocity23, is in the process of making the Infinite Flight training server equivalent of ifatc.org. Here’s a preview.


If you don’t know what ifatc.org is, it’s a site made by a fellow Infinite Flight ATC and community member Chris Mckulka. It has features such as an advanced airport search, ATC frequency status, live terrain map, and many other features that expert server controllers use on a daily basis. We’re looking to bring some of those same features such as a quick METAR lookup and ATC frequency status to the training server. Our site is in early development and we will update you throughout the process till it’s release, but for now here’s a list of features we plan to include;

  • Current stations open – Finished and Functional
  • Suggested stations to open based on traffic
  • Various Controlling Guides including links to the #tutorials:atc category on the IFC, IF YouTube Videos and of course the ATCEG Blog
  • Charts – Finished and Functional
  • METAR & TAF lookup – METAR Finished and Functional, TAF In Development
  • Controlling Hours Tracking (*COREP System) – WIP
  • Stats for open airports (eg. aircraft inbound, aircraft on the ground, etc.)

*The COREP System will be offered as a standalone system for VAs/VOs with controllers, as well as being integrated directly into the site to be used by IFATC Trainers where they see it to be beneficial.

Our Timeline for Development

The Goal
The goal of this project is to improve the quality of controlling on the Training Server and To Educate Aspiring IFATCs with the purpose of helping them achieve their goal.

If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see included on the site, feel free to send us an email hello@atceg.net, we’re open to suggestions and will try to implement them in later versions.