B777 RAM Air Turbine (RAT)

A Ram Air Turbine (RAT) is a small turbine that is installed in an aircraft and used as an alternate or emergency hydraulic or electrical power source. The RAT generates power from the airstream based on the speed of the aircraft and is connected to an electrical generator or to a hydraulic pump. 

In extremely rare instances when airplanes lose power, the ram air turbine deploys from the airplane’s wing or fuselage and rotates to extract sufficient power from the airstream to control and land the aircraft.

As you may have saw in a recent tweet from Infinite Flight, of a 3D rendering of the B777, most notice that there may or may not be a ram air turbine on the rendering seen here. It has not yet been confirmed to be present or functional.

November 16, 2019 by Kyle Boas

China RVSM at work

It’s always weird slash interesting to watch and listen to the Chinese unique implementation of RVSM. Here’s a video of the Sichuan flight 3U8633, the windshield in the cockpit broke and partly sucked the pilot out. Listen to the controllers issuing altitudes like FL101.

October 11, 2019 by Kyle Boas