Top 10 states where Air Traffic Controllers make the most money

The national average annual wage of an air traffic controller is $120,830 with the lowest being $77,150 and highest being $147,350.

Here is list of the top-10 highest-paying states for air traffic controllers, put out by Forbes based on occupational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is each states average air traffic controller salary.

  1. New Hampshire: $147,350
  2. Virginia: $139,520
  3. Illinois: $136,390
  4. Georgia: $136,210
  5. Texas: $133,260
  6. California: $132,300
  7. Minnesota: $131,330
  8. Ohio: $131,180
  9. New York: $130,840
  10. Colorado: $128,210

References: Forbes

November 28, 2019 by Kyle Boas

No intersection departures, where do I takeoff from?

If “no intersection departures” are in the ATIS, you need to takeoff at the end of the runway, not from an intersection. Not very close to the end of the runway, the last hold short point of the runway.

No intersection departures is reserved for places like LPMA for example, where the only exit would be blocked if someone were to try to takeoff at that intersection.

References: 6.2.4 of the Infinite Flight ATC Manual

November 19, 2019 by Kyle Boas

ATIS winds are magnetic

If you read it, it’s true. If you hear it, it’s magnetic.

All charts and textual sources such as the METAR, TAF, winds aloft, surface analysis charts, etc. use true north as the reference.

ATIS broadcasts, or any information a controller gives you over the radio, is magnetic. From the AIM, “Wind direction broadcast over FAA radios is in reference to magnetic north.”

1. AIM Section 7-1-11 page 7-1-26 in the 5/26/16 edition.

October 10, 2019 by Kyle Boas