Training server, should you ignore pilots who don’t listen

No, never ignore pilots. The issue is that both you the controller and the pilots are learning how to use command. How do you know if what you are sending doesn’t make sense whereas also you as the controller are deciding whether a pilot’s response or commands make sense.

You do not have enough know how to determine that in most cases. Now of course there are blatant disregard for commands or spam, those should be ignored.

Ultimately they must comply with all of your commands as they would need to on the expert server, but as a controller you should be lenient as to how much leeway you give your fellow trainee pilots.

3 Pens and a Notebook

I always carry a notebook and 3 pens in my pocket. Why? Having a quick, easy and accessible way to take notes is invaluable to anyone, regardless of age, profession or interests.

The notebook is a simple pocket notebook you can get from a discount store, and my pens are a four-pen, a black pen and a blue pen. Why three pens? One for yourself (four-pen), one to lend to someone and one in case another explodes.

My notebook contains a variety of things, from the idea for this post to the profits raised a recent fundraising event I helped coordinate. Get in the habit of writing notes and picking up your notebook in the morning and putting it in your pocket. Keep it next to your phone and wallet if that helps.

But how does this apply to ATC? Having a notebook next to you outlining your approach procedure for North, South, East and West arrivals can be helpful when controlling approach; and drawing out pattern work to see potential conflicts is a great strategy for Tower controllers. Or even as a pilot, write down the crucial details of your flight for easy reference.

The assumed freedom of “continue taxi at your discretion”

When receiving progressive taxi instructions, it is a must for the local controller to issue a “continue taxi at your discretion” command.

Common miss-conception of that command is that the pilot then has the ability to cross runways or enter the runway. This is definitely not the case.

Taxi at your discretion will only allow you to taxi freely to the runway. Standard rules apply when it comes to entering the runway.

Reference: 5.2.2 of the ATC Manual

Quick without loosing quality

You take your time, which is ok, but your workload overall continues to grow higher and you continue to make mistakes like forgetting sequencing, exits, go arounds because you take too much time. 

Get the commands out of the way as quickly as humanly possible so you have all the time in the world to be more aware.