Too many variables

When you are trying new things, try to avoid adding in a lot of variables.

One step at a time. Add one thing in, subtract another.

If you add everything in all at once you will have trouble figuring out what caused the improvement or regression.

November 17, 2019 by Kyle Boas

Asking for feedback

It’s the most important part of being a pilot or controller. You’ll not only gain the respect of your piers but you will also learn things you may not have known.

When I first joined the Infinite Flight ATC team, I constantly asked for feedback from everyone and everyone. Any pilot who flew inbound or departed got a message after. I became aware of issues that I didn’t even think of, I would have never known had I not asked.

Same goes for if you receive an instruction to “check the tutorials on the forum” or “please follow instructions”. If it were me I wouldn’t rest untill I knew exactly why I received those commands. Every controller is available on the forum, and we love when people message us asking questions. Don’t be afraid, ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions.

Speaking of feedback, I’m going to ask you for feedback. If you have any regarding any of the posts on the blog, email me.

November 13, 2019 by Kyle Boas